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Our Load Organizers are available from Thursday to Saturday. Jumps continue on Sunday, but we no longer offer Load Organizing. The Load Organizers form new groups every day, allowing everyone to participate in Load Organizing. To take part, you must be at the manifest at 8:30 AM sharp to join the group allocation. Load Organizing is included in the Skydiver ticket.

Load Organizing offers you group supervision and evaluation of jumps by an experienced coach. Occasionally, the coach jumps with the groups; however, unlike coaching, we do not guarantee that every LO jump will take place with the coach, as they may be supervising more than one group.

From Thursday to Sunday, we have two planes available at the dropzone. One is a Supervan 900 with 18-20 seats exclusively for the Boogie, while the other plane is used for tandems and may offer any remaining seats for Boogie participants if available.

Early-Bird tickets are limited in quantity. So, you should act quickly and secure your ticket now before they sell out!

The Cloud Nine Festival is an inclusive event, and thus, tickets are also available for non-skydivers who wish to participate in the festival without jumping. With this ticket, you can take part in the ground highlights and be a part of the event. We offer a ticket for the period from Wednesday to Friday, including live acts on Friday, and a ticket for the big party and live acts on Saturday. This helps us to provide you with exciting entertainment beyond jumping!

Camping in tents and with a caravan is possible at the drop zone. Caravans can be parked in the designated parking lot; however, electricity is not available. We are currently in talks with the FSG about the prices for camping and the use of facilities during the boogie. We will keep you updated!

If you prefer to stay in a room, we recommend a guesthouse in the surrounding area. We will soon provide some links to accommodation options here!

During the boogie, the bistro at the location will be open, and in addition, we offer changing meals in the evening after a strenuous boogie day. 

Outward journey from Berlin to Gransee
From Berlin main station, the RE5 (traveling towards Rostock/Stralsund) only takes about 50 minutes to reach Gransee.

Upon arrival (please not before) call us at 030-245 34 030 and we will be happy to pick you up with our shuttle bus for free from Gransee station. The ride takes only a few minutes, as the dropzone is quite close (but still too far by foot on the well-traveled street). It doesn't get more comfortable and environmentally friendly than this. 

Pick-up location at the train station:
At the parking area, close to the railroad crossing. Landmarks near by: long stone bench, small grass hill, information boards

Return from Gransee to Berlin
Of course, our shuttle service also covers the return to Gransee train station. Please register in time in the manifest, we will organize the rest.

The train runs every hour in both directions, so we recommend checking the schedule in advance, particularly for the return trip.

Transfer from Berlin to Gransee

Take the Berliner Ring to Oranienburger Kreuz. Here, exit the ring road onto the B96 towards Stralsund. Follow the B96; you will pass by Löwenberg, and after approx. 11 kilometers, you will be in Gransee. At the roundabout, follow the "Flugplatz" (airfield) sign to the right towards Badingen/Zehdenick. After 3 kilometers, look out for our sign "GoJump Fallschirmsport".You will find the airfield with the jump center on the left-hand side. There is enough parking available. Important for GPS navigation Naturally, we can't jump in the middle of the town, so our jump site is located a distance outside of Gransee. The best way to find us is by entering the following coordinates into your navigation system: 53.003606, 13.206783 Alternatively, type in our address: Templinerstraße 12 C, 16775 Gransee. From here, drive straight ahead for about 2 km until you see the green sign with GoJump on the right. From there, turn left, and you will have reached your destination.

The ticket booking is binding, and tickets cannot be canceled. However, you are welcome to transfer your ticket to another person if you are unable to attend.

GoJump wants to contribute to the future of our sport and will strongly support the association in their lobbying efforts starting in 2024. Therefore, anyone who wants to jump with us from 2024 onwards will need to be a member of the DFV or our club, FSG e.V.

You can find more information about this decision here. 

If you are already a member of the DFV, DAeC, or FSG Gransee e.V., you don't need to do anything extra. If you are not a member of any of these, you can apply for a short-term membership for 90 days for only €20.

Please fill out the following form and send it to the DFV. The cost is only €20. 

Short-term Membership Application at the DFV.

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